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Our Story

AnyShaker was invented and founded by Brayton Bushby.

A fitness enthusiast and life-long tinkerer, Brayton had a cabinet full of shaker bottles, all with the same problems: smelly, leaky, hard to clean, plastic...  and thought: there has to be a more convenient & enjoyable way to mix workout drinks. 

The concept of a shaker stretch lid to secure onto any household cup was born. 

The first prototypes were home-made and did not look like the sleek AnyShaker you see today. But two best friends, Mike & Mike, saw the prototype and said "Dude, you are on to something!" 

After 6 months of further home-made prototyping and then working with industrial designer, Jon Fox, AnyShaker's CAD files were complete and ready to create the mold for production. 

And now it's here.

The initial response to AnyShaker has been much greater than expected. Brayton and the AnyShaker team are ecstatic and very excited to see how big AnyShaker becomes.

Thank you for your support! Onwards & upwards. 

Cheers! ;-)


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