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AnyShaker Tips

Always make sure the cup rim and inside of AnyShaker are completely dry.


All points of contact between the cup and AnyShaker must be dry in order for AnyShaker to secure, as silicone becomes slippery and unstable when wet. 


This includes complete drying after previous use. 


Always be careful & safe when handling glass or breakable materials. 


We recommend to practice putting AnyShaker on your cup without any contents first.


Always make sure AnyShaker is sufficiently pulled down over all sides of the cup and is securely on before shaking. 


It's recommended to not use some plastic or paper cups, as AnyShaker will not attach securely. Always make sure AnyShaker is securely on your cup before use. 


Be cautious of some beverages, mixes and/or liquids pressurizing when shaken, causing AnyShaker to be unstable. Do not use AnyShaker with these materials.


Do not leave AnyShaker on the cup longer than needed to mix as the airtight seal loosens over time.


We recommend cleaning your AnyShaker before first use, either in the sink or dishwasher. Make sure it's completely dry before using. 


Add liquid(s) to your cup before powders. This prevents chunks and powder sticking to the bottom of your cup.


We recommend thoroughly cleaning AnyShaker immediately after use, either in the sink or dishwasher.



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